Apply to become a Client!

Partner with 1852 Media! We can help you plan your releases, promote your backlist, provide you with graphics and more. We can customize a package that fits your needs!

This is a contract-based service that is billed monthly.
Publicist Contracts are quoted based on services contracted.
PA Services may be retained at $30/hour.

Not everyone who applies will receive an offer for a contract.

Short-term Projects
we can be your support for any short-term project, such as an anthology, build out of an online store or short-term design work.

Frontlist Marketing
everything for your front list, including but not limited to: release events, reviews, graphics, strategic planning, advertising assistance (Facebook + AMS), promotions, proper placements.

Backlist Marketing
everything for your backlist, including but not limited to: comprehensive review of your backlist and creation of a plan for promotion, such as blurb review and re-writing, keyword and meta data analysis and suggestions, analysis of covers, sale and promotion events, advertising assistance (Facebook + AMS)

Consulting Services
answering all of your questions about the industry, brand consulting, connecting you with the proper people to get your projects to the finish line, one-on-one monthly sessions with your publicist to keep you on task, yearly strategic planning of your writing schedule

Social Media Posting & Website Management
We can handle your social media posting so that you have more time to write! We can also update your website with new books, advertise sales, and more.


All Publicist Contracts include inclusion in The Romance Newsletter for every new release and sale, one free newsletter builder per year, free inclusion in our swap:meet program, discounts on print graphics, covers and more!